Tailored infrastructure  f Timely and trustworthy transportation f Competitive prices

Maskarga initiated operations in 1992. Since then we have managed to consolidate and to offer a sure and very competitive service in the item of oversized charges.


We possess equipment specialized for every area as: lowboys for great tonnage and dimensions, dry closed boxes, chassis carries containers platforms, chutes, open top containers, extendible platforms, etc.


As well, current times and technological advances set the standard to follow, and that cutting edge technology is a very important tool that allows us to offer trust, tranquility and safety to our customers in every delivery.

That is why our facilities of 15,000 square meters for court, offices, parking, repair and maintenance area, between others, are equiped with CCTV.


Also, all our transport units are GPS equiped, what allows us to keep track and locate them in real time.


We also keep contact with our operators 24 hours a day, via mobile network


Thanks to that, currently, combining our 20 years experience in the market and the appropriate infrastructure, our customers have expressed their satisfaction and preference, since with this we can provide them with information on time, letting them program their logistics processes with certainty, guaranteeing their delivery opportunely by us.

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